Dental Extractions in Colorado Springs, CO

Dental Extractions in Colorado Springs, CO

An extraction means having a tooth/teeth removed entirely. There are many reasons why you would need a tooth extraction, including cavities, malocclusion, external trauma, gum disease, etc. There is a misconception that tooth extractions are painful, but our dentist ensures that you are comfortable during the procedure and don’t feel any pain. Before undergoing an extraction, it is important that you disclose any medical health conditions to our dentist so that necessary adjustments and precautions can be taken.

In What Cases Is an Extraction Needed?

There are many reasons for performing an extraction. These include:


Misaligned teeth are a very common issue among kids as well as adults. It can be treated using braces or Invisalign, but sometimes overcrowded teeth can hinder the alignment procedure. In such cases, teeth extraction is performed to make room for the misaligned teeth to move to their correct orthodontic position.


Decayed or damaged teeth are most vulnerable to getting severely infected, which can negatively influence a person’s oral health. This situation can be treated by RCT (root canal treatment) and medications. But if the infection is severe, the damaged tooth needs to be extracted to contain the infection.

External Trauma

During an accident, sustaining injuries to the mouth can be pretty common. People can break or crack their teeth, which can expose their dental pulp to microbes in the mouth that cause an infection. Although the damaged teeth can be restored using crowns, bonding, or veneers, we may have to extract them if the damage is severe.

Impacted Teeth

Sometimes, teeth can get stuck between the jawbone and gums. This condition can be extremely painful and can cause infection near the impacted site. It is always better to get the impacted teeth extracted to save oneself from pain.

What Is the Procedure for Tooth Extraction?

During your visit, the dentist will examine your mouth to understand the severity of the situation. X-rays and scans would be taken to assess the condition in detail and check whether or not extraction is needed. This will determine your candidacy for the procedure.

The procedure will begin with thoroughly cleaning your mouth to eliminate microbes. Local anesthesia will be administered to the surrounding gums, which will numb the tooth, gums, and jawbone, making the procedure more comfortable and pain-free. Next, our dentist will grab the tooth using forceps and shake it to pull it out from the socket. Most patients feel slight pressure during this but no pain. You will be asked to bite on a piece of gauze once the tooth is extracted, and appropriate medications will be prescribed.

You must take the prescribed medications and avoid anything which will prevent normal healing after an extraction.


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