SureSmile in Colorado Springs, CO

SureSmile in Colorado Springs, CO

Having a generous and joyful smile is relatively infectious. It makes other people happy and smiles even more. When you feel confident about the appearance of your smile, you smile more often that builds a friendly image of yourself in front of others. 

So, it is very significant to keep that smile intact and straight throughout your life. SureSmile provides you the best results for your smile and increases your self-esteem.

Here, we will provide you with a detailed overview of SureSmile.

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile is an Advanced technology that enables orthodontists to take a visual impression of patients’ teeth. These scans are then used to bring out incredible ways to create wires for specific patients.

Orthodontists use SureSmile for finding out the direction that will be precise to move your teeth.

Procedure of SureSmile

The procedure of SureSmile includes several aspects:

  • By using advanced technology, SureSmile creates a 3-dimensional computer model of your bite. This image will let the orthodontist check your teeth from every angle and how they fit together.
  • This software will then help the orthodontists determine your teeth’ final position and an effective plan for your needs.
  • After the treatment is planned, the SureSmile directs a robot to create a shape memory alloy archwire according to the prescription provided by your orthodontist. It provides the most suitable braces to straighten your teeth gently.

Benefits of SureSmile

  • Reduces Your Treatment Time

You have heard that people with braces should have to have long-time commitments on an average of two years. However, SureSmile orthodontic treatment provides you the best results in less time.

  • Less Office Visit

SureSmile provides less time for treatment and reduces the visit to your orthodontic office. The archwire provides smoother movement than traditional braces. Also, maintaining normal oral hygiene is relatively easier.

  • Quality Results

SureSmile provides custom-made wires created by using automated technology. The wire inserted enables the teeth to move in their prescribed position, thereby providing greater quality results.  

Aftercare Of SureSmile

SureSmile aligners can be removed while eating, but it is significant to keep in mind that your mouth is clean before inserting them. Though it is not appropriate to brush and floss every time you remove your aligners, it is advisable to use a mouthwash or water to rinse out the food debris or bacteria from the mouth before wearing them.

It is the most appropriate and suitable dental treatment in comparison to traditional braces.   


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